Monday, July 21, 2008

Michael Eastman, Vanishing America

Dotty has it, Cairo, Il

Eddie's BBQ

Big Hole, Montana

Barn, La Crosse

Marcella's Resort

Cairo, Il

I could look at these images over and over again and not get tired of them one bit.

Unfortunately, the layout of the book (from what I can tell looking at pages on Amazon) does not treat the photographs as the work of an artist/photographer but rather as an Americana book. So, layout is bleeds, numerous photographs squeezed onto one page without margins. This is a bit disappointing given that Eastman's photographs are stunningly beautiful. However, I consider it still worthwhile to get the book after looking at these photographs on-line and will plunk down my credit card in a couple of weeks to get my copy. I will report further once I've perused the whole book.

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Ann said...

Those are gorgeous! I will have to look at this book in person. Thanks for letting us know about it!